Restore Pictures from DSLR Camera

Are you experiencing the photo loss situation? Pictures taken using digital camera might be lost, deleted or formatted due to various reasons and retrieving them back may seem to be a tedious process. It may happen suddenly while previewing the photos from the camera you might have accidently pressed “Delete All” button or formatted the […]

Restore Files from CF Card

Like other memory cards, Compact Flash Card is also prone to data loss. There are certain factors due to which you may lose files stored on your Compact Flash card. If you have a backup of CF card data, then no need to worry about any data loss. What if there is no proper backup? […]

Google Glass – The Wearable Technology

Project Aura is the division of Google which is in charge of wearable technology, has been working diligently on various iterations based on the actual Glass headset. Finally, we got an idea about how those devices may look. A new version of Glass designed for the workplace looks similar to the device with glass prism. […]

Data Recovery from Formatted CF Card

Have you formatted the CF card accidentally which contains your important pictures and thus lost all the data from it? Well, most of the CF card users would have faced this kind of scenario while using their CF card in digital camera or in other CF card compatible devices. In such cases, the media files […]

Home Automation Gadgets – Fun with Frustration

Home tech devices are getting smarter day by day and users are adapting them in their daily life. The purpose of home automation gadgets is to provide you with better living, makes work simple and provides better use of resources. Today, there are several home gadgets that have transformed our home to digital high tech […]

Retrieve Images from External Hard Drive on Mac

Many of us use external hard drive to store and transfer important data securely. As you know, it is the best way to store massive data, because the external hard drive has good features like large volume, portable, etc. So external drive can be used as a backup storage device, when you lose any memorable […]

Software to Restore Files

At times, you may come across horrible situations where you may end up by losing or deleting valuable files. Thinking how to get back those files? As soon as you come up with data loss scenarios, make sure whether you have any extra copy of deleted files in any other storage devices. In case, if […]

How to Repair Outlook Indexing Problem

Sometimes while migrating emails or enabling additional mailboxes, the Outlook search index can fail to update or even become corrupted. For instance; while you are trying to search emails in instant search box, it is showing error message like “Outlook instant search not working” on Windows system. What are the causes for indexing problem in Outlook? Incomplete […]

Export Outlook Data File

Microsoft Outlook uses PST file or Personal Storage Table to store all your email, contacts and calendar items, journal entries, tasks, notes etc. in one location. Each Outlook user will have their own PST file for storing Outlook data. You may come across certain scenarios where you need to export PST file in order to […]

AVI File Unplayable on Mac

Audio Video Interleave or AVI file contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback. Audio or video content compressed with a wide variety of codecs is stored in an AVI files. You might have captured videos during many important occasions like wedding, holiday trip or may be your […]