Fix Broken ZIP Files

You may encounter error messages like “The compressed (zip) folder is invalid or corrupted”, “Cannot open file: it appears to be an invalid archive”, “Cannot open a zip file” while trying to open ZIP file. These messages are indication of broken ZIP file.  ZIP files sometimes gets broken if there are any interruptions during transfer […]

Repair MOV File not playing

Is your movie file unplayable? Sometimes, when you try to access videos, you may get pop up message stating “The movie could not be opened. The file is not a movie file.”  MOV is a multimedia file container format developed by Apple and is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. It contains multiple tracks that […]

Damaged Power Point file repair

Power Point is the most familiar option for creating multi-purpose presentations. The major advantage of Power Point is their graphical feature that makes the presentation awesome. While trying to open the Power Point you would have seen some of error messages like: “The file is corrupted and cannot be opened” “This is not a PPT” […]

Fixing of corrupted RAR files

RAR file is a data container which stores one or several files in compressed fashion. WinRAR application is used to compress and decompress RAR archives in Windows PC. WinRAR makes use of standard AES encryption technique to create RAR file without damaging its file contents. By compressing files and folders to a RAR archive, you […]

Fix Corrupted Word DOCX files

DOCX is a XML format document file and .docx extension is used by MS Word documents that are created on 2007 and all later editions of Microsoft Word. It allows better compression of Word documents and reduced file sizes. In spite of its reliable features, the DOCX files are not completely immune from corruption, you […]

Repair Damaged MS Word Files

Word documents are stored with the extensions like .doc and .docx, which are nothing but a text document. It is very familiar to all computer users. These Word documents may get damaged due to various reasons. Sometimes you may get a message that file is corrupted, whereas other times Word would simply say that it […]

Fix Corrupted Outlook 2010 PST Files

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is an email application which promises greater email organization, search, communication and social networking features. Outlook uses PST (Personal Storage) files to store emails and other Outlook items like contacts, notes, journals, calendar, reminder etc. In Outlook 2010, the storage limit for a single users PST file is 2GB. One of the […]

Fix Broken PowerPoint File

Microsoft PowerPoint is highly innovative and versatile program that allows users to create slide-based presentations for multiple purposes. It allows user to add various objects to the presentation files which are not available in other files like animation, audio and video clips, etc. to make them more attractive. Nowadays presentations are widely used in almost […]

Open Damaged Zip file

ZIP file act as data containers in which files can be stored in compressed form to reduce their size. These file format are generally used to transfer files across internet. You have an option to provide password to zip file to increase security of data in ZIP archive. But in certain circumstances, Zip files may […]

Corrupt Word Document Cannot be Open

Today many users depend on Microsoft Word Application to perform their daily work. Users can easily use this application for both personal and official work. It comes as a part of Microsoft Office suite and has many advantages over other word processing softwares. Unfortunately, file created using Microsoft Word is prone to corruption. Word files […]