Repair Damaged MS Word Files

Word documents are stored with the extensions like .doc and .docx, which are nothing but a text document. It is very familiar to all computer users. These Word documents may get damaged due to various reasons. Sometimes you may get a message that file is corrupted, whereas other times Word would simply say that it […]

Corrupt Word Document Cannot be Open

Today many users depend on Microsoft Word Application to perform their daily work. Users can easily use this application for both personal and official work. It comes as a part of Microsoft Office suite and has many advantages over other word processing softwares. Unfortunately, file created using Microsoft Word is prone to corruption. Word files […]

How to repair corrupted Word template file?

Word templates are built in feature of Microsoft Word and user can also create their own template. Which is normally used to design documents and they can save your lots of time while creating Word document. In addition, templates are used to store styles and lots of other customizations that affect how you use Word. […]

How to repair Word 2010 File

Microsoft Word application is the most familiar word processing software developed by Microsoft. Today, the most widely used version is Microsoft Word 2010. It is used mainly for professional and personal documentation activity. This application comes as a part of Microsoft Office suite. It facilitates user with many eye catchy features like dictionary, inbuilt spell […]

How to Repair Word File Header?

Introduction: Microsoft Word application is a word processor developed by Microsoft. It is widely used mainly for documentation purpose. Like all other files even Word document has header file. Header file is the vital component and is responsible for accessing Word document. It contains all important details regarding the particular document. Header file is unique […]