Fix Corrupted Outlook 2010 PST Files

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is an email application which promises greater email organization, search, communication and social networking features. Outlook uses PST (Personal Storage) files to store emails and other Outlook items like contacts, notes, journals, calendar, reminder etc. In Outlook 2010, the storage limit for a single users PST file is 2GB.

One of the big problem with PST files is that they are prone to corruption. Microsoft provides an inbuilt application called Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) to repair a PST file. But Inbox Repair Tool has a serious disadvantage. It is not effective in case of worst scenario of PST file means that when PST files are badly corrupted. At that situation, you can make use of Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software, to repair corrupted Outlook 2010 PST file.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is mainly used to repair Outlook mailboxes (.pst files). So, it fixes corrupted PST files from Outlook 2010 with ease. Apart from Outlook 2010, it also repairs corrupted PST files which are created on various Outlook versions such as 2000, 2003, and 2007. In addition, it has the ability to repair password protected and highly encrypted PST file by utilizing its advanced scanning algorithms. You can also use this tool to fix damaged or broken PST file. It not only recover emails from corrupted PST files, but can also restore other attributes like contacts, attachments, notes, journals, RSS feeds, reminders etc easily.

You can even make use of this Outlook 2010 corrupt PST file repair software to repair PST file that cannot be repaired using inbox repair tool, which is provided with Outlook. Moreover, this program repair oversized Outlook 2010 PST file. It provides two options to repair PST file, depending on the severity of PST file corruption which are known as “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan”. “Normal Scan’ option is used for minor PST file corruption and “Smart Scan” option is used when PST file is severely corrupted or broken.

Features of Remo Repair Outlook (PST) which can be used while repairing your corrupted PST file:

  • For the purpose of easy import, this software stores repaired PST files in Outlook 2003-2010.
  • By using “Find PST File” option, you can easily search PST files on your system, when you don’t know exact location of your files.
  • This tool allows you to select particular Outlook profile in case of multiple Outlook profiles with the help of “Select Outlook Profile” option.
  • You can evaluate repaired results through Outlook styled browse view, later you can go for full version of this application.
  • This program helps you to select destination folder to save repaired PST files.
  • It is compatible with the widely used versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8.

Possible reasons which are responsible for corruption of Outlook 2010 PST file:

PST File Header Corruption- Each and every PST file contains header file, in which important details about PST file such as file signature, file size, file name and its creation date are stored. If header of the PST files changes intentionally or accidentally then that can damage the file structure of that particular file. This could result in corruption of the entire PST file.

Errors during Compacting of PST file- You might need to compact your PST file when it is large in size. If any error occurs during compacting process might result in the PST file corruption. It leads to loss of emails or other attributes from PST file.

Outlook Upgradation– You may upgrade Outlook from lower version to higher version to take benefits of higher version. If the Outlook upgradation process gets interrupted by any reason such as sudden power failure or abrupt system shutdown then your PST file may get corrupts and lead to email loss.

Fault in Networking Device– You may try to access Outlook PST file which is stored on network server from client computer. By using networking links and networking devices like Network Interface Card, cables, routers, hubs etc. If these devices are not working properly then the remote access of the PST file can make it corrupted or inaccessible.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software is reviewed and recommended by several industry experts. It comes with simple user interface which allows you to access the tool very easily; even novice user will not feel any kind of difficulty in accomplishing the task. This is non-destructive application, which only reads from the original PST file and creates a new healthy PST file thereby preventing the original file from getting damaged. This application is scanned with antivirus application in order to ensure protection to your computer. 24/7 technical team and live chat facility is there to solve your issues related to this product.

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