Fix RAR File in Windows 8

“Recently I transferred few RAR files from external drive to my Windows 8 system. While transferring there was sudden power failure which caused system termination. After regaining power I noticed that RAR files were completely transferred to my system, but when I tried to access it I was unable to do so. These files are very important to me and I need to repair it at any cost. Can anyone tell me how can I fix RAR files in Windows 8 system?”

As you know RAR file is used widely as it can compress large files to save disk space or to send it over the network without any loss. However, RAR files have some drawbacks due to which RAR files in Windows 8 become inaccessible. Let’s see some causes that cause RAR file corruption in Windows 8 system:

  • Transfer Error: It’s quite obvious for RAR file corruption due to transfer error. When user is transferring some RAR files from any external storage devices to Windows 8 System or vice versa, if there is any sort of disturbance like sudden termination of system or sudden removal of external devices then RAR files may get corrupted. Such files cannot be accessible thus user cannot extract files from it.
  • Incomplete Downloading: When user download RAR files from unreliable site then there are high chances of RAR file getting corrupted. Other instant that lead to incomplete downloading may be due to poor connectivity or power failure, etc. Hence, it may cause RAR file corruption in Windows 8 system.
  • CRC Error: CRC Error is one of the common causes responsible for RAR file corruption. During compression, a checksum is assigned to very bit of RAR files. While sending RAR files over the network if any changes occurs in the bit then it may led to CRC error in RAR files. Due to CRC error, RAR files becomes inaccessible and user might encounter with error message while extraction process.
  • Virus Attack: Sometime, harmful viruses are also responsible for RAR file corruption. If system hard drive in which RAR files are present gets severely infected with harmful viruses then it may lead to Windows 8 RAR file corruption.

Remo Repair RAR software to repair RAR file in Windows 8:

Remo Repair RAR software can be used to repair RAR files in Windows 8 system. It is the best option for user to overcome from all types of error messages due to RAR file corruption. This software is very easy to use as it gives user easy guidance to fix corrupted or damaged RAR files in Windows 8 system. It has robust and strong algorithms which has the ability to scan each and every part of RAR files and repair it accordingly.

Working mechanism of this software is based on read only mode thus it will create replica of original file and then fix it without damaging original file. It supports repairing of RAR files from any external storage devices like hard drives, pen drives, memory cards and many other devices. This software works only in Windows 8 system but also Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Significant Features of Remo Repair RAR:

  • Easily repairs password protected RAR files
  • Fixes RAR files having CRC errors
  • Ability in fixing large size RAR files of 4GB or more
  • Supports recovery of RAR files created using all versions of RAR files
  • Facilitates to save repaired RAR files in any storage destination

Why Remo Repair RAR should be used?

Free Version: Remo Repair RAR provides user with free demo version so as to evaluate repairing results of RAR files before purchasing licensed versions.

Secure to use: This software is non-destructive tool and virus free. Thus on installing it does not harm the computer system.

Technical Support: If user is facing some problems associated with the Remo Repair RAR software, then contact technical support.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do keep copies of important RAR files in order to escape RAR file corruption.
  • Do not interrupt while transferring process.
  • Avoid using unreliable tool to extract RAR files.
  • Scan your system frequently with superior antivirus tool.

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