Fixing of corrupted RAR files

RAR file is a data container which stores one or several files in compressed fashion. WinRAR application is used to compress and decompress RAR archives in Windows PC. WinRAR makes use of standard AES encryption technique to create RAR file without damaging its file contents. By compressing files and folders to a RAR archive, you can reduce large file size. So, you can save hard drive space and also easily transfer or download files over the network. RAR files are saved with .rar extension. However, in some instances RAR files may get corrupted. Such corrupt files may stop extraction process in middle resulting in loss of files.

When you double click on RAR file, you may encounter error messages like “File cannot be opened”, “Unexpected end of RAR archive!” These errors clearly indicate that RAR file which you are trying to access is corrupted. There are number of reasons that cause corruption of RAR files.

Some situations encountered by users that cause RAR file corruption are mentioned below:

CRC error: When user receives/ transfers a RAR file via network, they may encounter CRC error, which is the most common reason behind RAR file corruption. CRC error is a data transmission error which occurs when any unauthentic changes happen to RAR file by external threats. Due to the changes in redundancy bits user cannot extract RAR file.

RAR file header damage: A RAR file header can get damaged due to harmful virus attacks. When a RAR file gets damaged, important information required to access that RAR file will be lost and RAR archive becomes inaccessible. RAR header can also get damaged if there are any mistakes done during compression or decompression.

Interrupted download or transfer of RAR archive: If there are any interruptions in downloading a RAR file from internet, transfer of RAR file from a storage device to another, then there are chances for RAR file corruption. While extracting RAR archive, if suddenly system shuts down then it may get corrupt and become inaccessible.

Other general issues: Changing file format of RAR file, malfunctions of WinRAR application, storage drive damage, etc can also result in RAR file corruption.

Unless you repair corrupted RAR file, you cannot access or extract files present inside it. RAR file corruption issue can be repaired and resolved successfully in one attempt with the help of repairing tool like Remo Repair RAR.

Features of Remo Repair RAR program which eases repairing corrupted RAR archive:

Remo Repair RAR has advanced repairing algorithms which makes it distinct from other repairing utility. It is particularly designed to repair corrupted RAR files which are unable to open due to various kinds of errors. Without damaging or modifying RAR file contents, it safely extracts all the data and creates a new healthy file. It is also free from viruses/ malicious contents, and operates in read – only mode. So, it assures safe and secure repairing of damaged RAR files.

The application can even fix large sized corrupted RAR files (above 4GB). Irrespective of storage drive, the tool fixes RAR files which are stored in different storage media like internal drive, external hard drive, pen drive, etc. This utility also has the ability to fix RAR files created on various WinRAR applications. Also it can be used for repairing password protected RAR archives.

Compatibility: This program is compatible with various Windows operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Sever 2003.

The application is also easy to use due to its simple graphical user interface. It helps you in each simple step by guiding you with digitized instructions. Also if you have any queries like how to repair corrupted RAR files with this software you can obtain technical team’s help for free of cost. After repairing broken RAR file, you can view its contents by previewing facility. Later, you can save its file contents either in compressed or decompressed format on any accessible drive.

Safety measures that help RAR file users to prevent corruption and loss of RAR files:
• Use an efficient download manager to download RAR files from internet
• Do not utilize unauthorized third party apps for RAR file extraction and always use WinRAR application for extraction
• Regularly scan for viruses using good anti-virus tool, so that you can avoid corruption of RAR files due to virus intrusion
• Backup important RAR archives to multiple storage drives so that you can restore them in case of RAR file loss

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