Repair Corrupted AVI Video


User may encounter with a situation where something goes wrong and file gets corrupted. Similarly AVI video might also get corrupted due to some unknown reasons. It is quite possible for AVI video file to get corrupted or damaged as it is widely used video file format. It contains both audio and video frames which work simultaneously when file is played in any media player. Though having many positive points, AVI video files are prone to corruption.

Lets us take one real time scenario. “Recently I recovered AVI video files from formatted Kingston USB drive. I found that some files are corrupted and cannot be played in any of the media player. Is there any software that will repair such type of corrupted AVI video files?” Apart from this, user may face many kinds of issues while playing AVI video files in various media player like Windows Media Player, VLC Player, etc.

Some kinds of problems which user may encounter while playing corrupted AVI file:

  • AVI video file will not play anything and sometime an error message will be popped up.
  • When AVI file is played suddenly the media player will get freeze.
  • Sometime, no sound will be heard but picture will be there or sound will be played but not picture will be seen when AVI video file is played.
  • Audio and video out of sync issues can occur when playing AVI file.
  • Due to corrupted frames of AVI files, picture will be distorted.

Solution to fix AVI video file:

If any above mentioned is the case, then your AVI video is corrupted and cannot be played in any media player. Thus to solve such issues you need to make use of some efficient software to fix AVI video file within few minutes. One such amazing tool is Remo Repair AVI software which has the ability to repair all issues associated with AVI file corruption. It also supports fixing of corrupted DIVX and XVID files along with AVI files.

This AVI file repairing software has inbuilt scanning and repairing algorithms which works on advanced technology. Thus it will thoroughly scan entire AVI file and then fix the problems accordingly within less amount of time. It has the ability to repair AVI video files by separately repairing both audio and video data frames. Once the issue is fixed, both the frames will adjoin together to form playable AVI file. The files that are fixed using this software can be played on both Mac and Windows Platforms.

The AVI video files which are partially playable or do not play at all can also be repaired within few easy steps. It can fix corrupted or damaged AVI video files that are stored in any storage devices like hard drive, USB drive, iPod, memory card and many more. This software can be installed in both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Remo Repair AVI supported Scenarios:

  • Codecs Issue: Codec is a set of programs that are required to encode or decode digital content. Similarly codecs of AVI file is very important to play AVI video file. If there is any damage or corruption in codecs of AVI file then it will lead to codecs issue that cause severe AVI file corruption. The main reason behind codecs issue is due to incompatibility between file and media player.
  • Third party tool: Header file plays very important role in opening any file as it contains all detailed information about the file. If user makes use of any unreliable third party tool to edit AVI video file then there are chances that header file of AVI may get corrupted and it might be unplayable.
  • Virus attack: Due to external threat like virus or malware there are possibilities that AVI video file may get corrupted or damaged. Thus user many be able to play it in any media player.
  • Other Factors: Other factors that lead to AVI file corruption are sudden power failure, interruption while transferring, download error and many more.

Handy Tips:

  • Do keep copies of favorite AVI video files.
  • Always play AVI files with proper codecs.
  • Safeguard AVI video files from harmful external threats.
  • Do not edit AVI video files using unreliable third party tool.

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