Repair MOV File not playing

Is your movie file unplayable? Sometimes, when you try to access videos, you may get pop up message stating “The movie could not be opened. The file is not a movie file.”

 MOV is a multimedia file container format developed by Apple and is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. It contains multiple tracks that store different types of media data; often used for saving movies and other video files and commonly uses the MPEG-4 codec for compression.

Often we come across such similar situation as mentioned above. Corruption of MOV file is not an uncommon issue. But trying to fix it is a difficult task. But, now not anymore because regardless of any reason, you can repair movie files and make them playable again by installing this MOV repair tool by Remo which fixes videos on various digital devices like HD cameras, Flash memory cards, USB drives etc in a simpler way.

Why MOV files get corrupted?

  • Due to improper removal of storage devices containing MOV files.
  • By using unreliable third party applications to recover MOV files
  • Frequently changing / altering file extensions of .mov files.
  • Improper shut down while accessing MOV files resulting in corruption.
  • Recording video even when the camera battery is low.
  • Interruptions while transferring video files
  • Playing MOV files on incompatible media players.

In above all instances MOV file might get corrupt and become unplayable. Some of the indications of MOV or MP4 video corruptions include audio video synchronization issues, codec issues and many more, often you may get error messages while playing or when accessing the video; especially when trying to play the videos on Mac using QuickTime player, an error 2048 would show up.

However, Remo Repair MOV software comes in handy to fix MOV video that refuses to play in just few simple steps. The software repairs corrupt video without editing or causing further damage to the original file.

Available for: Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 and Mac OS like Yosemite, Mavericks, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and many more.

Remo Repair MOV to fix unplayable videos with ease.

Repair MOV tool by Remo fixes MOV and MP4 files that fail to play in any media player in just span of minutes. The .mov video file is repaired by extracting the data from it, splitting the audio video streams, repairing them individually and finally joining them together to create a healthy playable video.

  • Repairs videos that are recorded on iPhones and GoPro cameras
  • Helps to fix MOV file and MP4 file that is not playable on QuickTime player
  • Provides free preview of repaired MOV and MP4 videos before saving them
  • Tool supports fixing of large sized corrupt / damaged MP4 video files
  • Recovers MOV files from several storage media like hard drive, flash memory cards, USB external drives, Memory Sticks etc.
  • Even audio-video sync issues that occur due to corruption of MOV file also be fixed.
  • Assists in repairing large sized corrupt MOV, MP4 video files successfully.
  • Supports codec combination used in the MOV / MP4 files, such as audio codecs like avc1, mp4v, mjpeg and video codecs like sowt, RAW, mp4a.

Important point: It is essential to provide a healthy playable video of the codec and same format as that of the damaged video as a reference. Also, healthy and corrupt videos must be recorded on the same camera or device with same settings.

Besides Remo Repair MOV also facilitates…

  • Easy to use interface: The simple user interface with self explanatory installation steps, makes it easily understandable even by normal user. Thus, makes MOV or MP4 video repair process easier.
  • Safe to use: Tool is non-destructive, read-only tool hence the corrupted file will not be modified instead it just takes the copy of corrupt movie file and executes process.
  • Free trial version: This application is provided with free trial version to evaluate the performance of the software. Thus in free version you can view fixed MOV videos using “Preview” option and once after checking the results you can purchase paid version of this software.
  • 24*7 technical support: Tool is provided with round clock technical assistance in order to solve the technical issues of the product during repair process along with live chat facility. Also the tool is digitally signed and free from virus and other dangerous threats.

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