How to Recover Deleted Draft Emails in Outlook

Every once in a while, people delete their emails inadvertently only to realize later it was an important email and look for ways to restore it. Once you delete an email in Outlook, it goes to the Deleted Items folder. You could have deleted emails from Deleted Items folder or Junk email folder and want […]

Restore Photos From An Unreadable SD Card

DSLR cameras have become a part of our lives, just like phones have over the last few years. Users are taking a lot of pictures and are sharing it on social media. The affordability of the cameras coupled with advanced features has made these cameras customer friendly. There are times when you are trying to […]

Recover Data from BitLocker Encrypted Hard Drive

BitLocker is a feature designed to protect data by encrypting entire volumes. It also safeguards against any unauthorized changes to your system like firmware-level malware. BitLocker can be used by anyone running Windows Vista and later. It is important that your data is safe and secure even if the device is lost or stolen. You […]

How to Resolve “AVI File Not Playing” Issue

  AVI or Audio-Visual Interleave is quite a popular multimedia format. These files contain both audio and video in a single file container which allows synchronous audio-video playback. AVI files have a lot of codecs which can be used to achieve a desired compression ratio of AVI audio format. Ex: DivX and XviD. The AVI […]

6 Handy Features that every MacOS Sierra users should know

Apple recently rolled out its latest version of Mac OS, Sierra to the public. MacOS Sierra is the successor to Mac OS X El Capitan. Several advanced features like smarter Photos App and Siri has been added in this latest Mac version. Also, there are several under-the-hood improvements included in this latest update, but there […]

Samsung Launches Portable 5,100mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack

Now you can take wireless charging wherever you go with this new Samsung Portable Battery Pack with built-in carrying strap so that you can carry it more easily. In terms of battery, it comes with model number EB-PG950 and includes 5100 mAh battery which can provide at least 1 full recharge to any compatible Smartphone. […]

How to Restore Lost Pictures

Losing memorable pictures from any storage device like memory cards, hard drives, pen drives, etc. is a heart-breaking situation. This situation turns even worse when there is no backup of photos on other storage devices. Well, if you are one among who is worried about lost picture recovery then you are at right place. Go through […]

Memory Chip Data Recovery

Like other storage devices, even memory chips are not free from data loss. There are various reasons that result in data loss from memory chip such as: Accidental deletion of important files from memory chip Improper usage of memory chip Formatting memory chip accidentally Using the same memory chip on different devices Corruption of memory […]

VLC Will Be Making Its Way onto the Xbox One

Recently VLC team has announced a version of their one-stop media player is heading to Xbox One. Also, Microsoft’s Corporation’s Universal Windows Applications Program for the Xbox One is finally picking up pace as new application announcements are made for its first wave rollout. Also, they have aimed for the application’s release in the first […]

Recover Data from Apple External Hard Drive

Unable to access the data stored on your Apple external hard drive? Whenever you try to access the drive, is it displaying an error message like “Drive not formatted? Do you want to format it now?” If so, it is clear indication of Apple external hard drive corruption. In that case, if you format, all […]