Damaged Power Point file repair

Power Point is the most familiar option for creating multi-purpose presentations. The major advantage of Power Point is their graphical feature that makes the presentation awesome. While trying to open the Power Point you would have seen some of error messages like:

  • “The file is corrupted and cannot be opened”
  • “This is not a PPT”
  • “Part of a file is missing”

Due to its difficult file structure, Power Point files are highly vulnerable to file corruption and the errors are caused. The files are also get corrupted due to various other reasons like shutting down the system abruptly while using the Power Point file or due to virus attacks.

Possible things that may happen if PPT file is corrupted:

  • Objects and other attributes may not work properly.
  • Animations, Audio and Video may not work due to corruption.

The user might have created Power Point presentation of a project by doing lot of research and spends long hours for preparing the PPT file. If that file gets corrupted, it’s a big loss and the user may get frustrated. Recreating the Power Point file is very time consuming process, instead repairing it with Remo Repair Power Point software is a wise option.

Broken Power Point file – Easy way to fix it:

Anyone may wonder whether it is possible to repair broken PPT file with one click…. The answer is yes. It is absolutely possible by using Remo Repair Power Point, software designed specifically to repair the corrupted Power Point files. It is renowned and quality system repair application with clear and concise user interface. It helps the user to repair all types of Power Point files like PPT, PPTX and PPS.

Remo Repair Power Point is specially designed to repair the PPT, PPTX, and PPS files which are corrupted due to any reasons. The repairing process involves in creating the virtual file system and extracting all the important elements like picture, clipart, movie, sound, text, formatting, animations, OLE objects and hyperlinks etc from the corrupt PPT file. The file can be completely recovered and restored with actual headers and footers and the user can use preview option to analyze the recovered file.

The process is done with 4 steps. Just select the corrupted file and click on “Repair” option. The work is done. It also has “Preview” option which is helpful in reviewing the obtained results. Since it is read-only software the original software is kept safe without causing any damage after the recovery process is done.

Operating systems supported by Remo repair Power Point tool are Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

 Power Point files corruption – General Causes:

  • Improper up gradation of Power Point software will not let the user to open the Power Point files.
  • Shutting down the computer abruptly while the Power Point file is in use.
  •  While recovering the deleted PPT file using any third party file recovery software, the file may be recovered in incomplete form due to sector level fragmentation and may not work properly.
  • Due to compatibility issues like opening the file created in older version in the updated version will create corruption in the PPT file and you may lose some of the attributes of the file or entire file become inaccessible.

Apart from the above said reasons, Remo Repair Power Point can repair the files which have been corrupted due to other reasons like faulty Power Point application tool, Invalid page fault, or Low system resources.

Things to be done to avoid Power Point file corruption:

  • Save the Power Point files regularly and have the backup of the file.
  • Avoid turning off the system while working with Power Point files.
  • Changing the extensions of Power Point files (PPT, PPTX, and PPS) frequently may cause confusion and the file may not open.


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