Fix Broken ZIP Files

You may encounter error messages like “The compressed (zip) folder is invalid or corrupted”, “Cannot open file: it appears to be an invalid archive”, “Cannot open a zip file” while trying to open ZIP file. These messages are indication of broken ZIP file.  ZIP files sometimes gets broken if there are any interruptions during transfer of large files. What if that ZIP file contains crucial data like Word files, spreadsheets, photos? It will be a disappointing situation to anybody.

If you want to repair broken ZIP file, then you have to use repair tool like Remo Repair ZIP in order to repair the broken ZIP file. It will fix your broken ZIP file within short duration of time.

Reasons behind broken ZIP file:

Incorrect compression technique– If you use faulty application or follow incorrect techniques to create ZIP format, then that can cause corruption of ZIP file structure and making it to display invalid error messages.

Changing File Extension– If you frequently change ZIP file extension from one format to another, then there is chance of ZIP file corruption.

CRC Errors– CRC are usually used to check similarities among sent data and received data. If these data is not matching, then it leads to CRC error and you may not able to extract files using extraction software.

Additional Reasons– ZIP file header corruption, presence of bad sector on drive where ZIP file is saved are some other reasons for broken ZIP file.

Remo Repair ZIP tool:

The application has inbuilt repairing algorithms that scans broken ZIP file for identifying and fixing errors. If ZIP file is not opening due to any reasons, then you can use this utility to fix that file. It is also possible to fix highly encrypted or password protected ZIP file. In fact, this tool will help you to fix damaged ZIP file within few minutes. The application has ability to fix ZIP file with size 4GB and more. It supports fixing of both ZIP and ZIPX file format.

It helps to repair ZIP files stored on different storage media such as system hard drive, FireWire drive, external hard disk, Pen drive, memory cards, etc. If you want to repair your ZIP file, then just download trail version of this tool from internet. It works on read only mode, so it will not modify original file during repair process. Instead, it just scans the broken Zip file and recovers content from it then creates a new Zip file with recovered contents to make sure safety of the original corrupt Zip file.

More about Remo Repair ZIP:

Its Save Recovery Session option will help you to pause scanning process so that you can avoid rescanning of entire drive. On completion of repair process, it is possible to view repaired results using Preview option before saving them to any desired location. If you come across any problems during broken ZIP file repair process, then you can take assistance of Remo technical support team.

Useful tips:

  • Use reliable tool to create ZIP archives and avoid any kind of interruption while creating ZIP file.
  • Do not change the file extensions of any ZIP files until it is necessary or required.

Even after taking precautions if you are unable to protect your ZIP files from getting corrupted then you can make use Remo Repair ZIP tool to fix the issue.

Windows operating system supported by Remo Repair ZIP tool are:  Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server2003

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