Fixing Damaged MP4 Video File on Mac

“Couple of days back, I had been to college trip where I had recorded videos of historical places which were of MP4 file format. I transferred all those video clips to my Mac system for preserving them for longer duration. Unfortunately, whenever I try to play them an error message pops out displaying that file is damaged. Again I inserted the SD card that was containing original MP4 file for transferring files. After which got to know that card was not inserted properly while capturing videos. Is there any chance or software using which damaged MP4 file can be repaired on Mac system?”

Absolutely yes, you can fix damaged MP4 file on Mac system with the help of best repairing tool like Remo Repair MOV. MP4 is a video file format that is based on MOV format which is developed by Apple Inc. This format contains both audio and video streams that give high quality video clips. However, they get corrupted very easily due to many unexpected scenarios.Symptoms for damaged MP4 file are: It stops playing suddenly, takes more time to open, displays error messages and so on.

Here are few scenarios that are responsible for damaged MP4 file:

  • Header of MP4 file contains major details like file type, size, location and so on. If that header gets corrupted due to power loss, improper termination of MP4 file etc. leads to damage
  • Malware Infection is one of the major reason for MP4 file damage. These viruses get transferred to MP4 file via unsecured data, internet or infected devices after which they self replicate themselves and will damage the file structure of MP4 video
  • While transferring MP4 video files from one system to another, if the process is interrupted due to any kind of unpredicted scenarios results in file damage
  • If the storage drive where MP4 files are stored is corrupted due to formation of bad sectors will damage MP4 videos
  • Improper insertion of SD card, camcorders for recording or transferring MP4 files will lead to damage scenarios
  • Utilizing unreliable third party applications for converting MP4 file format into other file formats is another reason for MP4 file damage

Likewise, we come across many other scenarios responsible for MP4 file damage on Mac system. If you have experienced any such cases and has not repaired till now don’t worry!!! As discussed above, Remo Repair MOV is best tool which is designed with advanced scanning algorithms for repairing damaged MP4 file on Mac in few simple clicks.

Why Remo Repair MOV?

It is one of the simple, effective repairing tool that can overcome all possible MP4 file damage scenarios. This provides simple to understand GUI interface that gives description of each step that helps all kinds of users for easy installation. During scanning process, original data will not be modified rather separate file will be utilized for storing extracted files. Facilitates demo version to check the efficiency of software prior purchasing it. Since, it is embedded with advanced antivirus software completely free from all kinds of malware infections.

Other remarkable features of Remo Repair MOV….

  • This software can repair corrupted, damaged, partially downloaded  MP4 files on Mac operating system in few easy steps
  • It requires minimal disk space for establishment process i.e. no extra space is required
  • This software contains automatic repair option that can separate both audio, video streams and joins them after repairing process
  • Also repairs damaged MOV files effectively
  • Supports various video codec like avc1, mp4v, mjpeg and audio codec’s like sowt, RAW, mp4a
  • Compatible with latest versions of Mac operating system like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite for repairing damaged MP4 file

Precautionary Measures

  • Avoid interruptions during MP4 video transfer process
  • Always maintain a backup of vital MP4 files in virus free storage device
  • Do not record MP4 videos when there is low battery rate or less memory space in your devices
  • Have exact knowledge about MP4 file conversion process before performing it
  • MP4 video files should not be played on incompatible media players

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