Google Glass – The Wearable Technology

Project Aura is the division of Google which is in charge of wearable technology, has been working diligently on various iterations based on the actual Glass headset. Finally, we got an idea about how those devices may look. A new version of Glass designed for the workplace looks similar to the device with glass prism. However, it is fixed with a hinge so that it can easily be folded and can keep in pockets like standard pair of glasses.

The only image of the device in the FCC filings shows the original glass nose bridge, so it is not clear whether the finished “enterprise version” of the glass will be attached to a headband like piece of metal and sit proper on the wearer’s nose. It seems that the new glass will support 5GHZ Wi-Fi and contains better inbuilt battery, improved camera and faster Intel processor.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the prism of Glass floating display is said to extent the field of view as it is now bigger in size. The gadget will also be more durable and waterproof, so that it can stand out all falls and other physical damage on factory floors and other work surroundings.

Google has not yet confirmed the Google Glass existence, let alone a cost or release date. But, almost hundred of units have been distributed to associates in Google’s Glass for work program. As per the source, those associates have likely designed proprietary software for the gadgets to work solely in certain circumstances. It is not sure whether Google will build up a version of its Android OS for Glass, or ever release a consumer version of the device.

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