How to repair Word 2010 File

Microsoft Word application is the most familiar word processing software developed by Microsoft. Today, the most widely used version is Microsoft Word 2010. It is used mainly for professional and personal documentation activity. This application comes as a part of Microsoft Office suite. It facilitates user with many eye catchy features like dictionary, inbuilt spell checker, Word art, format text, tables, and many other manipulation tools. Though it possesses many unique features there are some limitation that can cause Word file corruption.

Users can come across situations where, the Word 2010 file that user have created with lot of efforts and hard work might not be able to access because of some reasons. This indicates that important Word file is corrupted or damaged. Most of the time, user will get certain error messages when trying to open Word 2010 documents.

Let us see some common factors that result in corruption of Word 2010 file:

  • Sometimes, user may frequently change file extension of Word 2010 file from one format to another which is called as Round tripping. Due to such round tripping of Word 2010 file there are possibilities that Word file may get corrupted which leads to inaccessibility.
  • If header file of Word 2010 file get corrupted due to macro virus or some other external threat then it may cause Word 2010 file to get corrupted or damaged. Such files when tried to access may display some error messages.
  • While working on Word 2010 documents, if there is sudden termination of application due to some software-hardware issues, logical issues or sudden power failure then it may cause Word file corruption.
  • Other reasons that causes Word 2010 file corruption or damage are power surge, bad sectors, improper transferring, download errors and many other factors.

If user come across such above explained scenarios than it’s quite obvious that user may try to repair it using every possible way, but all in vain. Now you may think that your important file is lost forever and it cannot be fixed. Actually speaking, such corrupted Word 2010 file may be fixed using some third party tool. Some sort of minor corruption can also be repaired using inbuilt repairing tool “Open and Repair”.

Method to fix Word 2010 file manually:

  • Open new Word 2010 document and then select “Open” option from menu bar
  • Now a dialogue box will be displayed on screen. Select corrupted Word 2010 file from desired location
  • Then select “Open and Repair” option from the drop down list located in right side lower corner of the dialogue box
  • Within few seconds data from corrupted Word 2010 file can be extracted

Why Remo Repair Word software?

At certain times, such manual methods of repairing Word file fails as severity of corruption will be high. In order to fix Word 2010 document, user may require some third party Word repairing software. Here is one of the most advanced utility Remo Repair Word which has the ability to fix corrupted or damaged Word 2010 file. It has the ability to recover text, formatting, OLE objects, hyperlinks, and many other Word attributes.

In addition, it has the ability to repair DOC and DOCX Word file formats with great ease. This Word file repairing software can easily repair corrupted or damaged Word documents that refuse to open. Apart from these things, Remo Repair Word software also provides user to verify repaired Word file before saving it. User can easily save fixed Word documents in any desired storage location.

Compatibility of Remo Repair Word:

  • Microsoft Word versions: Microsoft Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Why Remo Repair Word Tool?

User Interface: User interface is very easy to understand thus novice user can make use of this tool to mend corrupted or damaged Word documents. It is Do-it-yourself tool

Virus Free: Software is free from malicious threat as it is scanned using superior antivirus software. It does not damage computer system or laptop while installing it

Demo Version: This product also comes in free demo version so that customer can check its ability before buying licensed version.

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