How to Repair Word File Header?


Microsoft Word application is a word processor developed by Microsoft. It is widely used mainly for documentation purpose. Like all other files even Word document has header file. Header file is the vital component and is responsible for accessing Word document. It contains all important details regarding the particular document. Header file is unique for each Word file and it is important to open any document. Unfortunately, this header file may get corrupted due to which Word file may become inaccessible.

There are many common causes which are responsible for header file corruption of Word document. Let us see some of them:

  • Transfer Error: If user is copying or transferring Word documents between two storage devices then it is possible this process is interrupted by some cause which can lead to severe damage to Word header file. Hence, user is unable to access Word file.
  • External Threat: External threats are the main cause for Word header file corruption. Threats like malware and virus can cause damage to the header file due to which Word document cannot be opened.
  • Sudden Power Failure: Sometimes, it is possible that when user is working on Word file there may be sudden termination of system due to power failure. Thus, this can lead to Word header file damage due to which Word file cannot be viewed.
  • Incompatibility: User may try to open older version Word file in latest version Microsoft Word application. Then this may cause incompatibility between file and application which leads to header file corruption.

In any of the above situation, stop worrying because it can be fixed manually. Word application has some inbuilt tool which can repair Word files. User can easily repair Word file in following two ways:

  • To open in Draft Mode: Sometimes, Word files can be opened in draft mode when it refuses to open it in other views. To use this go to view option and select Draft from document views category. You can view content of the Word file that refuses to open.
  • Using “Open and Repair” Option: This is inbuilt option which comes in Microsoft Office suite. You need to open new Word page, then click on open and select corrupted Word file. Now a dialogue box will be displayed with required file selected. In right corner of the dialogue box select “Open and Repair” option from drop down list. The file will be repaired.

However, if the corruption severity is high then above mentioned steps will fail. At such time do make use of some Word file repairing software to fix corrupted Word file.  Such tools have the ability to repair all types of issues associated with Word corruption.

Why Remo Repair Word software?

Remo Repair Word is the most suited software to fix Word file header. This software has the ability to repair Doc and Docx file formats of Word documents with great ease. It supports repairing of Word files that are created using all latest versions of Microsoft Word Application including Microsoft Word 2010. This Word repairing tool easily repairs doc files that refuse to open due to some sort of corruption.

Along with repairing, this software also restores Word attributes like text, formatting, hyperlinks, OLE objects and many other attributes. This product facilitates user to cross verify repaired Word documents before saving. This software can repair Word files stored in any external storage drives like external hard drive, SD card, pen drive, etc. It is compatible with latest Windows versions including Windows 8.  User can save repaired file in any accessible internal as well as external storage drives.

Special Features of Remo Repair Word software:

  • Easy user interface
  • Novice users can run it with ease
  • Malicious threat free software
  • Free and paid version available
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Word

Safety Measures:

  • Backup your important Word documents in storage drive.
  • If possible then keep hard copy of Word files.
  • Transferring of Word files should be done without any interruption.
  • Secure Word files from malicious suspects by using superior antivirus software.

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