Open Damaged Zip file

ZIP file act as data containers in which files can be stored in compressed form to reduce their size. These file format are generally used to transfer files across internet. You have an option to provide password to zip file to increase security of data in ZIP archive. But in certain circumstances, Zip files may refuses to open or stop responding. These normally happens when ZIP files are corrupted. Most common Zip file errors which occurs when you try to open Zip archives are:

  • The compressed(ZIP) folder is invalid or corrupted
  • Cannot open file: it does not appear to be valid archive
  • The archive is corrupt or damaged
  • Error opening a Zip file

Above stated error messages signifies that the Zip file which you are trying to open is corrupted. Consider a situation, where you have downloaded a Zip file. Later you tried to unzip that file using WinZip, but it shows error message like “File is corrupted, WinZip cannot open it”. What you will do in such situation?

What to do when Zip files corrupts?

Will you take any action to correct it? Absolutely yes, because no one will ready to lose their data. Then How to open corrupted ZIP file Nothing much, just install and run Remo Repair Zip tool, to repair your corrupted Zip files. It’s advanced repair algorithms helps to repair corrupted Zip files in few mouse clicks and allows you to extract content from it.

Remo Repair Zip can fix ZIP files with size 4GB and more. This tool first find cause of file corruption and then repairs it. It is also used to repair password protected and encrypted Zip files. Zipped files can be repaired on any storage media like external hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards etc by using Remo Repair Zip. Moreover, it is able to repair ZIP files that are corrupted due to file extraction errors and download errors.

Remo Repair Zip provides automated wizard based interface to repair corrupted files. It is capable of fixing the damaged Zip without editing the original ZIP file that needs to be repaired. It just extracts data from it, repairs the errors and renders a healthy Zip file. This tool gives procedural step guidance so that anyone can repair corrupted zip file easily. Before purchasing paid version of this tool you can evaluate its performance and consistency through demo version. This prominent repair utility free from External threat like virus, malware and spyware. In case, if user have any issue related to product then they can contact technical support team.

Common Features of Remo Repair Zip:

  • This tool perform repairing process of both ZIP and Zipx compression format on all latest versions of Windows operating System.
  • Evaluate the repair results using “Preview” option once repair process is over, if you are satisfied with the results then you can purchase full version of this software.
  • After repairing process, user can store repaired contents of ZIP files on any storage device.

Case scenario in which Zip files may get corrupted:

Virus Infection- Zip files are easily affected by virus because these files are frequently transferred over network. Viruses can damage file structure of ZIP file and makes it inaccessible for the user.

Interruptions While Extracting Zip file- Any interruptions like power outage, abrupt system termination while extracting contents of Zip files, may corrupt that file and thus lead to data loss. While transferring Zip file through network if any interruption occur then also it may get corrupts.

Third Party Tool- Sometimes, use of untrusted third party applications to compress and extract files from Zip archive may cause damage to Zip file which leads to file corruption.

Application Fault – The ZIP application that has been installed might start malfunctioning or giving troubles due to sudden system shut down or when user upgrades Zip tool to another version. Application fault might corrupt Zip files opened or created using it.

In these situations, you can make use of Remo Repair Zip to fix corrupted ZIP files.

Points to keep in mind:

  • Viruses are main reason behind Zip file corruption, so try to use reliable antivirus program to remove them.
  • Do not use any third party tool for compressing or extracting content of Zip file.
  • Make your ZIP file password protected so that you can avoid unauthorized access to ZIP files.
  • Avoid any sort of interruptions while downloading and sending Zip files.

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