Retrieve Images from External Hard Drive on Mac

Many of us use external hard drive to store and transfer important data securely. As you know, it is the best way to store massive data, because the external hard drive has good features like large volume, portable, etc. So external drive can be used as a backup storage device, when you lose any memorable pictures from your Mac computer, you can easily restore them back with the help of external drive. But, at certain situations, you might lose photos from external hard drive due to various reasons.

Common scenarios that results in the loss of pictures from external hard drive on Mac are:

  • Unintentional Deletion: While deleting some unwanted images from external drive, you might accidentally delete few good photos from your external hard drive leading to loss of memorable photos.
  • Formatting: You may format your external drive due to various reasons. Accidentally you may format your external drive instead of formatting some internal drive partition when it is connected to your Mac computer. Sometimes, you may also format your drive, when its performance is very low. In some situation, you may format your drive in order to get rid of format errors like “Disk drive is not formatted, Do you want to format it now?” etc.
  • Interruption during Data Transfer: While transferring pictures from these external devices to your Mac system, if any interruption occurs like sudden removal of external hard disk, OS crash, etc., then that may lead to loss of pictures from the external hard disk
  • Other Reasons: Boot sector error, file system corruption, catalog corruption etc may results in corruption of external HDD and makes it inaccessible

Apart from these, there are many other reasons which results in loss of pictures from external drives. Actually when pictures are deleted or lost from your external disk, it will not move to Trash folder of your Mac system. Hence, make use of reliable recovery tool like Remo Photo Recovery Software to restore photos from external hard drive Mac in short duration of time.

But, before recovery of pictures from external drive on Mac, it is recommended to follow some precautionary steps, such as:

  • Do not save any data to your external hard drives from which you lost data, to avoid overwriting of the original data
  • Once after data loss, don’t perform any operation like formatting, reformatting, etc. on your drive
  • After recovery, don’t save the recovered files on the same drive from which you have lost or deleted images

Remo Photo Recovery Software

 Remo Photo Recovery Software is an advanced utility that lets you recover your deleted or missing pictures from external hard drives. The tool is equipped with the best scanning mechanism that scans your external drive rigorously to locate all your lost photos in couple of minutes. Not just photos, you can even restore videos, songs, excel sheets, PDF’s, documents, etc. without causing any damage to any of your files. In addition, it supports recovery of lost data from file systems such as FAT 16, FAT32, HFSX and HFS+. In addition, it has an added advantage of recovering files from SATA / SCSI / IDE / SSD hard drives. Also, the tool is compatible on all latest versions of Mac OS including Yosemite

Other important features of Remo Photo Recovery Software:

  • You can restore images from various kinds of storage devices like USB drives, flash memory cards, internal hard drives, iPods, etc.
  • You can even add / edit new file types which you want to recover from external drive
  • “Find” option in the tool helps to locate a specific file on the basis of the name, size, date and file type.
  • It is possible to the view recovered data before saving them using “Preview” option
  • The “Save Recovery Session” option helps you to avoid rescanning of the entire drive
  • Free demo version is provided to check the performance of the tool before purchasing it
  • To save disk space, you can compress the recovered photos to a ZIP format
  • Recovered data can be saved on any storage device like hard drives, pen drives, flash memory cards, etc.

Tips to prevent loss of pictures from Macintosh system in future:

  • Maintain regular backup of data to overcome unexpected data loss situations
  • Make use of Time Machine for data backup or use some external storage device to maintain backup copy

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